Ogorodnikov, being the sales leader for PomidorProm Holding, required a specific approach to developing a unified visual style which emphasizes the advantages of certain product lines without any loss of overall brand awareness. Through years of joint work, we have created hundreds of product units, each of them expressing special love toward the Ogorodnikov farmer’s product.

The high-contrast and markedly expressive graphics of the logo have stuck in the memories of millions of Russians who easily find the well-loved ketchup or mushrooms on supermarket shelves.

For a number of Ogorodnikov product series, we developed not only the labels, but also glass containers and the PET bottle design to supplement the unified brand image on the shelf.

The exceptional strictness of Ogorodnikov in selecting fruit and vegetables was reflected in a series of ironic posters for distribution, advantageously distinguishing the brand among its competitors.