Upon developing O Bender, we were given a very difficult task: we had to make a product that would be visually attractive for all social groups. However, we had nothing to go on except the understanding that these would be premium seeds, with no savings on the product and its processing. Thus, the O Bender brand appeared, with its own name, logo, corporate style and packaging.

Together with the client, we chose a rather ambiguous person from 1930s Russian history, whose personality was related to smart financial affairs under the law. An absolute favorite among most of the population. And, of course, he appeared on a golden coin reflecting both the product quality and his particular features and talents.

No matter how good the product is, there is no business without sales. While creating tools for communications and distribution, we developed and visualized an approach that expressly described the advantages of partnering with the company and reduced risks for partners.

Can seeds be in a premium class? Of course they can, when the level of product quality, packaging, distribution and price are all interrelated.