Forte Trade and Industrial Holding is the leader of the Russian heating and water supply market. In several years of working with the company, we completely updated all of its product lines, developed the designs for new ones, and also provided the company’s partners all of their marketing tools, having created a new online communication format.

We decided to immediately get rid of all of the Eastern stylistics in the logo, and to give it a stricter and simpler form that can easily be read in any size. Having added a corporate smiley, we gave Oasis appliances a sense of simple and friendly emotions.

While creating the packaging under the Oasis brand, we paid the most attention to each product’s key advantages and methods for communicating this information to the consumer.

By targeting package design toward different purchasers, we developed the corporate style of the line, structuring all marketing components of each product group and allowing new products to be easily implemented with the maximum speed. 

To support distribution, we created different point-of-sale tools, and tried to maximize the space provided by retail chains for the most vivid representation of the brand’s products within their respective categories.