Clever Company is one of the leaders in the Russian cosmetics market. The company’s professional subdivision manages brands oriented towards beauty salons and private hairdressers. We helped this subdivision to redesign several hair-care product lines, refocused the main themes, and created a modern visual style.

Hair-dye is a special product in the Concept line of professional products. We solved the high-priority problem of quick product identification, not only with color, but also with the patterns typical for each product by suggesting that the client also opt for numbering that creates a noticeable volume effect on the package.

Concept Fusion is an affordable collection of products available not only to professionals, but for a wide range of consumers. We created a new design for this line by adding informational precision and brevity to it, and dividing products using airy illustrations.

The main Concept line needed rethinking regarding the logic of its information presentation, taking into account that while servicing a client, a hairdresser utilizes several bottles and a clear system was needed for him or her to be able to quickly select the right product type.

The Essem Simple brand is the result of painstaking work by experts from the German Essem Hair laboratory and the Russian Clever Company. The line covers all dying products including preliminary and subsequent hair care products. Having redesigned the brand, we attained a more vivid, youthful style easily scalable upon extending the line.