Brizzi is, first and foremost, a well-known brand of Spanish interior lamps. Elegant, stylish, with hundreds of designs, they have found their long-standing clients all over the world. However, the company was displeased with the fact that buyers had to use bulbs from third-party manufacturers in their products that didn’t correspond to the design of Brizzi lamps. Thus, the idea emerged about creating their own bulbs of the utmost quality that utilized energy-saving LED technology.

The bulb has itself become an object of art some time ago. The time of using a bulb only for lighting the whole house is over, and now, as new production opportunities appear, lamps are produced to fit any interior or style, creating an atmosphere not only with their light, but also with their shape.

A strict, minimalistic, yet not boring style became the basis for Brizzi packaging. This is exactly what the brand wanted to tell its customers.