Avantre is a vivid brand with a specific view on traditional Swiss values. We were given the task to create several product lines for different market segments with just one constant – distinctive individuality, clear positioning, understanding the needs and trends, cosmopolitism, and no ordinary solutions.

Swiss identity was nourished throughout the whole the global brand development process with plenty of rethought ideas. But we’ve always preserved the framework of the main dialogue with a consumer: your needs – our solutions. The beginning of this nearly decade-long story of cooperation and partnership has never strayed from this paradigm.

The Swiss visual cocktail, where the background is committed to a blast of color, and strict blocks secure the clearest possible communication of information to a consumer, is one of the DNA chains of the Avantre Creative sub-brand of children's crafts products. The main brand that covers every office and household need is expressly strict, structured and unusually stylish.

The Avantre line of school products traditionally used to cut apart the mass market with their bright solutions where girls were city angels and boys used to conquer them on muscle cars from the NY Rush collection.

Special collections dedicated to the country and city of brand origin occupy a special place in Avantre product lines. Trend palettes, gothic graphics and surprising visual and marketing solutions became the main key to consumer hearts.

Our joint work on developing the brand has never ended, and soon this great story will continue on with new lines from Avantre Zurich.