Avantre swiss stationery
Avantre swiss stationery
Avantre swiss stationery Stationery and students goods from unusual Switzerland

Branding with extra attention to every detail

The branding agency W Branding specializes in developing packaging and related marketing communications. We create brands by finding a unique positioning and creating a special language of visual communication with the customer. As a result, this meets the main challenge – the product becomes “native” to the target audience. 

Comprehensive approach

We try to meet every marketing goal that our clients have. 360° marketing includes complete brand maintenance, from naming to promotion.

Name and logo

Creating a brand name, logo and corporate design. We can also help you to wordlwide brand patenting to protect you from unfair competition.


Developing or redesign packaging. We take into account all of your requirements and interests for the target audience.

Distribution support

Preparing all accompanying POSM: catalogues, posters, banners, kiosks, etc.

Online promotion

Bringing the brand online through a website, social media or partnership projects. We will support you with maintenance, content and promotion.

Product line

Extending the product line, and develop sub-brands and satellites for related audiences.

Get excellent results by working with us. Special offers for our new friends. Leave your contact information, and we will contact you and go through everything.